About Us

Our fabrication prowess springs from the roots laid by our founding fathers in 1982.

We are a customer driven company where trust, reliability and quality are our forte. We believe in a long-term supply contract with our customers and focus on the design, development and engineering of all types of storage tanks. It is our corporate philosophy. Our staff is committed to earn your trust as a reliable business confidante.

Koteshwar Group brings its customers a knowledgeable, skilled, and highly motivated team offering more than 20 years’ combined experience and expertise in the development and production of precision petroleum road tankers, dumpers and salt machinery.

Founded in 1982 as an engineering company, Koteshwar has grown into a major manufacturing facility offering precision components for today’s high-tech transport and manufacturing industries.

The companies of Koteshwar believe in

  • Quality Service: Customer-oriented service which ensures timely delivery, competitive pricing and the ability to respond to the purchasing requirements of small – and medium – sized customers while still supporting the unique pricing, delivery and lead time requirements of our larger accounts.
  • Flexibility, Fast Response Time and Precise Quality: These three key concepts underly and motivate customer support throughout Koteshwar Group and guarantee fulfillment of this responsibility.
  • Manufacturing Capabilities: In addition to our in-house manufacturing with full process control from raw material to finished product, Koteshwar’s capabilities include worldwide sourcing to obtain precision standard from various technologies to support the needs of our customers.

We take safety seriously and as such KOTESHWAR is your source for safe and protective equipment. Prepare yourself for a better way to do business, and when you see our figures of production for the last four years, it will tell you why our customers have been with us for close to 27 years.

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